Friday, July 17, 2009

Bastards of Fun Tour

We're half way through our west coast run with our boys in Bastards Of Young and In The Red and we thought we'd throw out some shout outs. First off, much love to all the dudes in the other bands and their inspirational sets every night. Second, every one needs to hunt down and hug Vanessa (from Lubricated Zine) and Lisa (from AMP Magazine)? These two sweethearts took our lame, stinking, crude selves and made the first part of tour feel like home. Third, Frankie B from Campfire Island is one of the most legit human being on the planet. If you're ever going through Olympia, WA you need to buy this guy a cup of tea and know that you are in the company of one of the raddest people in the scene. Thanks everyone for coming out, this means the world to us.
Matt, Alex, Chad, Lucas

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lubricatedzine said...

i LOVE you four boys so incredibly much. thank YOU for squeezing me in the ultra lounge. may the road treat y'all well, and no doubt y'all will rock the shit out of every town. see y'all in a couple weeks in PDX.

vanessa jean