Friday, June 26, 2009

The Savage Sounds 7"

Pre-sales are up for our Split 7" with In The Red, Bastards Of Young, and Drunken Boat. By the grace of Virgil and the Suburban Home crew this record is available here. Corresponding to this summer's west coast tour the 7" will feature a new song by each of band.

Track Listing:
In the Red “Here We All Die”
Anchor Down “All Perfume”
Bastards of Young “Earthquake Weather”
Drunken Boat “Hell Freezes Over”

To make things more exciting each band has their own color cover (ours is Grey) and is available in both red and black vinyl. The albums cheap and their are not very many so pre-order yours now.

Hugs and Rock & Roll
Matt, Alex, Chad, and Lucas

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