Monday, May 4, 2009

"Steel To Dust" Review from

So the reviews of our new record keep coming in and so far they are looking pretty good. Here's the latest from punk blog Enjoy!

"Anchor Down hail from Portland, Oregon, but their sound is straight out of New Jersey — a sort of no-frills, anthemic punk rock that bands like Let Me Run and The Gaslight Anthem are currently rocking. Their debut EP Steel to Dust serves as a solid look into the band’s world.

Most of these six songs rely on crunchy, catchy guitar work and solid choruses. “Bromancing The Stones”, “El Radio” and “Never Was A Lesson Learned (Remember Me)” are all prime examples of this, but each song has a certain unique glimmer to it that keep them from running together too much; in “Stones” it’s the well-placed, sloshy backup vocals and dynamic drumming, in “El Radio” it’s the infectious, poppy underbelly and in “Lesson” it’s the huge chorus around which the song is built.

Steel To Dust isn’t a flawless performance, however. The vocals on “Red Ink” don’t really seem to match the music (although the hook itself is probably the best one here) and the vocals in “Word War 1″ could be a little more dynamic. “Crass A Nova” runs a little long but the guitar work is solid enough, so no biggie.

It’ll be interesting to hear what Anchor Down can do for a full-length, but the potential is certainly here. Steel to Dust is a fun EP, even if it’s a little conventional at times.

(2009, Solidarity)

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