Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anchor Down goes indie rock...SIKE!

Ha HA HA HA we love this one!

So as a homage to this review we took a new promo photo...hope you like it!

"Anchor Down- “Steel To Dust” – The tracks are mastered great and Anchor Down harmonizes very well together. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just can’t get into them at all. There are times during a few of the songs that I think I’m going to love them, but then my attention starts to wander and I realize the songs over. Strangely I kept listening and giving the album another chance and not once did it interest me. It’s weird because it’s almost like I wanted to like “Steel To Dust” more than I actually liked “Steel To Dust”. In no way am I saying it’s a bad album, it just has too much of an alternative rock/indie rock taste to it. That’s just a taste that usually makes me gag like a runway model. Luckily for me “Steel To Dust” doesn’t possess enough alt/indie rock to give me the dry heaves, but it does possess enough to not be overly interested. I could see many people liking this album. Probably most of them being into bands such as; Against Me!, Alkaline Trio, Verlaines, Blur or The Jesus and Mary Chain. rate 3/5"

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