Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oooh A Bad Review...wah wah wah...

So when you send out your records for review you always get a few that go like this...and seeing as how we do what we do regardless of opinion we won't hide em from you...enjoy!

Anchor Down "Steel to Dust" EP
"When I listened to these guys on their myspace a while back I wasn't sure what to recon. I didn't really even pay that much attention, but I knew they were playing shows with my friends back in Portland. I got the EP, listened through and immediately thought what I knew what was in the back of my head before, "who are these guys trying to impress?" I never think about that, but I felt these guys really wanted to be liked. They have the breaks and catchiness that pop punkers cling to, the sharp kick drum and riffs that backward hat wearing West Coasters love and the gritty voice and beards that just might draw some Razorcake readers into their basement shows. To me it comes off a little trite and a little forced. Most of the lyrics just seem to try to provoke emotion and nostalgia from the listener. Trust me. Portland doesn't have any nostalgia. It all just seems really generic to me. "We are the last of the so called dreamers, we are the last of the true believers". I can't tell if that's trying to rip off Gaslight Anthem or Bouncing Souls or both. Not to mention the backing vocals on El Radio destroy what could be a pretty decent song. I think these guys have it in them to be a great band as long as they tone it down a bit as they do in "Crass-a-nova" and "Never was a lesson learned". I feel those songs are sincere and it's nice they're not so in your face. To me this is not what a debut should be. They put too much time in to production and making sure every lick and drum fill was perfect that they forgot how far simplicity in lyrics and music goes and they absolutely lost me. They should have put out a shitty seven inch to start out and I would have loved it. Ease up on her, eh?"

-Ben "Mopydick radio"
"Send in your mp3s so I can talk shit."

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