Monday, March 16, 2009

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"Anchor Down Turns Steel into Dust…
Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

It is not very often that I come across an album that I just can’t stop listening to. Sure, there are times where I pick something up and it will occupy my time for a few days…but Portland based Anchor Down’s new EP Steel to Dust has been on almost nonstop rotation ever since guitarist/vocalist Lucas Andrews dropped it into my hands last weekend. And for good reason, too…This EP is just plain amazing!

Anchor Down are the culmination of many years of musical development. Although only together about a year, each member of the band has vast experience in music…when they all came together, it just clicked. 3/4 Portland, 1/4 Seattle, this four-piece brings a double axed attack with intricate guitar solos, dueling raspy and harmonious vocals, and it is all anchored by a strong rhythm section. This is what melodic punk is meant to be.

Although reminiscent of many bands that have come before them, Anchor Down seems to take a little bit from many different influences as well as add a sound all their own. Having already drawn comparisons to the likes of Alkaline Trio, American Steel, and the Lawrence Arms, this debut EP picks up where Dillinger Four’s C I V I L W A R left off in the lexicon of punk rock releases, combining driving guitars with melodious punk hooks and lyrics dripping with self-analyzation. In short, the EP is near perfect…Here are a few tracks for your enjoyment:

For all you Seattlites and Portlanders, the cd is already available at your local independent record stores (except for Easy Street Music-Queen Anne)…for the rest of you, the album will be released nationally on March 24th on Solidarity Recordings, in conjunction with the release of the vinyl (which all you vinyl freaks will want to pick up… 400 copies on orange, 100 copies on blue, and 50 copies on clear vinyl). Now that you love it, go out and buy it!"

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