Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anchor Down to be featured in Vain magazines SPRING issue...

We just got word that Anchor Down will be featured in Vain magazine's SPRING issue. We don't know to what extent that really means quite yet but we do know this about them...

"Vain Magazine is a quarterly publication that combines the innocence of art with the modernity of the world. Established by artists to provide art-enthusiasts of all kinds with a new form of collaborative art, Vain connects and combines writing, visuals, and music to immerse its readers in beauty. Each publication comes with an audio cd showcasing independent and up-and-coming artists.

Our process is simple. We find something good, then expand it. To avoid taking away any of its “goodness,” we let the artists collaborate. We find musicians to compose music off of writing. We find writers to couple good art. We like it when we’re filled with yummy art-goodness.

Vain believes that it isn’t impossible to make something with integrity. By providing artists with an avenue of hope for publication, we make it our goal to promote the betterment, growth, and popularity of the arts, not forcing it in any direction but instead showcasing its development. Above all, Vain should be viewed as a standard, not a barrier, a building block, not a wall.Check em out online here:"

Well fuckin A!!! Sounds good to us!!! We will keep you updated as more info rolls in.

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