Saturday, March 21, 2009

3-21-09 Saturday Night 12Am to 2am ANCHOR DOWN on KAOS 89.3 fm WA

Hey everybody...
If you find yourself hanging out at home this Saturday 3-21-09 at midnight jump online ( and spend some time with Anchor Down. We will be co-hosting/guests on Olympia WA's Campfire island show with our new buddy/host Frank B from 12am to 2am. We will be playing some tracks off our new record "Steel To Dust" and playing some good ol punk tunes from our personal collections as well as just plain hanging out on air. We support independent radio and our buddy Frank has one of the best independent punk shows on the West Coast...check em out

"Campfire Island is a radio show broadcasting on KAOS 89.3 FM (in Olympia, WA) every Saturday at midnight (Pacific). We play punk music and music made by punks...

The KAOS signal reaches from the southern parts of Tacoma to the north part of Centrailia. So if you're otherwise out of that area, catch us on the Internet stream at

The radio show is named after Joe Strummer's last painting, which his friends received on a Christmas Card the day he died. For the full story, watch: "The Future is Unwritten: JOE STRUMMER" by Julian Temple.


Here was a recent playlist of theirs:

Against Me - “We Laugh at Danger (And Break All The Rules)”
Dillinger Four - “A Jingle For The Product”
Off With Their Heads - “S.O.S”
Jawbreaker - “Chesterfield King”
The Legionnaires - “Off With Their Heads” (MD)
The Legionnaires - “Violent-World” (MD)
The Clash - “Straight to Hell” (MD)
The Shorebirds - “Gonna Get Ugly”
Brutal Knights - “I Do Nothing”
Fugazi - “Margin Walker”
Rancid - “If the Kids Are United” (MD)
U.S. Bombs - “Goin’ Out” (MD)
Buju Banton “Rancid” - “Misty Days” (MD)
Anchor Down - “Bromancing the Stones”
Dead to Me - “Special Professional”
Lemuria - “Hawaiian T-Shirt”
The Measure [SA] - Murderous Bugs with Giant Needles
Cockpit - “Hot Damn” (MD)
Cockpit - “Puke” (MD)
The Shuggs - “AM FM” (MD)
Old Growth - “Machine Life”
Tubers - “We Are All Very Frozen
The Shaking Hands - “Liars are for Punching”
Chris Wollard and the Ship Theives - “All The Things You Know”
Samiam - “Don’t Break Me”
J.Church - “Good Judge of Character”
Lungfish - “Kissing”
Big Black - “Texas”
Scratch Acid - “Cannibal”
Sixes - “Apocrypha”
Gorilla Biscuits - “Start Today”
Hot Water Music - “A Flight and A Crash”
Useless ID - “Isolate Me”
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - “X-Ray Style” (MD)

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