Sunday, June 8, 2008

Getting Solid...Solidarity Recordings...

Hello everybody...
I hope the weekend is treating you all well.

We had a blast in Seattle last night and shared the stage with some really GREAT bands!!! The Damage Done and Speaker Speaker kicked some ass for sure! We love those guys!

We have received some GREAT news for our friends/fans...
Solidarity Recordings is going to release our first record (cd/vinyl) as Anchor Down in early 2009. Solidarity Recordings is a great label who is putting out vinyl releases by "The Honor System", "The Ghost", "Hanalei", "Like Claws", "Wardogs", "Olehole" and now "Anchor Down".

Please take a trip over to their myspace and send them some love!

Here is a great write up about the label and the man behind it...

"Randy Stahl, a 28 year old long-time punk enthusiast from Encinitas, California has recently started up Solidarity Recordings. The label, which has been a lingering idea for nearly ten years and has finally come to fruition, already has slated up an impressive lineup of upcoming releases. Describing the endeavor in his own words Randy explains, "I am doing this label to put out records I love and feel that other people need to hear". Primarily focusing on punk, post-punk, and the minimalist solo efforts of a handful of previously established independent artists, the label plans to initially only release material on vinyl and in the digital download format. Furthermore, Randy will be re-releasing a fair amount of material that until now has been confined to compact disc. Distribution will be handled by Vinyl Collective and Suburban Home, but Solidarity will also be doing mail order via the internet.

While there's promises of much more to come, the label's first run of confirmed releases for 2008/9 include the following:

The Honor System "Single File'" 12' rerelease
Hanalei/Like Claws split 7'
Hanalei "We Are All Natural Disasters" 12' rerelease
Hanalei "Parts & Accessories" 12' rerelease
Wardogs 7' - co-release with Asian Man Records

Solidarity also has tentative plans to rerelease both albums by the now defunct Chicago by way of Berkeley band The Ghost on vinyl. The band has approved, but a response from New York based Some Records, which released both of The Ghost's albums, "This is a Hospital" and "This Pen Is A Weapon", is still pending unanswered.

Add Solidarity Recordings to your friends and check out all the bands on Solidarity if you haven't.

We love all of his bands and are extremely happy to be a part of his label!

Love Always,

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