Friday, May 30, 2008

Talkin bout it, talkin bout it, talkin bout it (sung to the tune of funkytown)

Hello Peeps...So we have generated some attention from our near by friends the state of California and are real happy to team up with them. At least internet radio sees the value of punk rock...Our song Word War 1 has been played in rotation on and and they also said some nice


With a sound that could fill the Columbia Gorge, Anchor Down from Portland, Oregon is making a huge statement in that city's music scene. To hell with Greg Oden, Anchor Down is the next big thing splashing down in the city of roses. This dynamic foursome describes themselves as punk and rock, which I would like to qualify with the added description – ass kicking rock. Pelting listeners with chunky guitar and rhythm, their music is intoxicating.

And well, you have got to like any band that can pull great recommendations from great looking women…many thanks to Kirsten and Christi from Sacto for turning me onto these guys. Anchor Down has one of the first rules of rock n' roll down solid – where the women go, men will follow. If this band keeps it up, the will soon be filling clubs with throngs of both.

Of the the songs Anchor Down has posted at I would have to choose "El Radio" as my odds-on favorite. The song has just enough uniqueness to get noticed and break through – it is like something from Iggy Pop and the Stooges with a 2008 flair; a perfect blend of rebellion and melody.

So all you kiddies out their…keep tabs on Anchor Down and hit them up and add them to your growing friends - a) you won't regret it and b) as the Quaker Oaks guy says, "It's the right thing to do".


Dr. Pete Local Roots

Anchor Down on

"Attention all pastors, church leaders, and acolytes! Oh wait…Shit. Wrong Anchordown.

Out of Portland, Oregon sails a more fiery version of Anchor Down; swilling beer, belting out anthemic punk rock cannonfire as they bear down on your city, and providing a fresh outtake on the rigors of DIY culture - touring, self made albums, record label dysfunction, and the quest to see all the hard work come together in the end.

Earlier this year they finished up this song 'Word War I' which was part of the first few songs songs recorded at Castle bITCHIN studios. WWI is currently free for download at the link above along with another called 'El Radio'.

Also, Anchor Down has a load of updates, including photos, band member news, and some wicked tour posters created by bandmember Lucas Andrews. Check their blog as well as a choice poster further below." by Charles Stepczyk

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