Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Show, Show, Show, your boat.

So we have got some great shows lined up for the next few months. We are gonna be busy boys, so keep updated on all that's going down here and on our myspace page. Our first show is on the 26th of April with Bitchin Summer and Drawback at The Speakeasy, SE 6th and Taylor (21+ show starts at 9pm) here in beautiful Portland OR. The next show is on the 31st of May with My New Vice, Pacific Blasting, And Suburban Anthem at The Ash St. Saloon (21+ show starts at 9pm). Thanks to our virtuoso band mate Lucas, we have these super rad fliers! Check the myspace for more fliers and for upcoming shows. Thanks for all your continued support and we hope to see you at the shows!

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